Mikko Toiminen

[184cm, 136 kg, 22 years old]

1. What made you take the decision of choosing Murcia Cobras for this season?

I wanted to play in europe for the 2018 season and Murcia Cobras contacted me in europlayers. From the first messages sent to the point where i signed the contract to be part of Murcia Cobras they made clear that im wanted by the club so it was pretty much an easy choice to be part of Cobras in 2018.


2. What do you think you can bring to the team?

I think i can bring culture and mentality of winning to the team and also lots of fun times on the field.


3. What experience have you had in American football for the last 3 years?

Last three years in my american football career has been a blast. My time with Helsinki Roosters has been amazing, winning the finnish national championship 5 times in a row and also champions league 2014 and Northern European Football League 2017.

4. Which has been your greatest success in your sport career?

One of my greatest achivements must be the IFAF Champions league win 2014 or my silver medal in sumowrestling european championships 2017.


5. What does this sport mean to you?

American football means a lot to me. I love teamsports because everything is more fun with more people! Everybody pushing eachother to better results and having good time.


Years of experience

2007 - 2017  Helsinki Roosters


Junior national teams

2010: U-17 National team starter
2011: U-17 National team starter
 2013: U-19 National team starter
2014: U-19 National team starter