Salvador de La Hoz Rodriguez

[186cm, 145kg, 32 years old]

1. ¿Que te ha hecho decidir fichar por Murcia Cobras para esta temporada?

He decidido firmar con Cobras por esta temporada, porque me parece un gran club, me gusta mucho el proyecto que tienen y creo en él. A parte de mi relación con Iniesta y Miranda entre otros grandes amigos que tengo aquí.

2. ¿Qué crees que puedes aportar al equipo?

Bueno aparte de peso y tamaño creo que puedo aportar experiencia en los dos lados de la línea.

3. ¿Cuál ha sido tu experiencia en futbol americano en los últimos 3 años?

En los últimos 3 años mi carrera más que de jugador ha sido como entrenador. Pero en los últimos 3 años he estado participando en los partidos internacionales que el Team Spain ha disputado contra Israel y Bélgica. Jugando en la posición de NT y siendo El Capitan principal del equipo nacional.

4. ¿Cuál crees que ha sido tu éxito deportivo más grande en este deporte?

Mis mayores logros como jugador han sido haber ganado la BFL con el equipo University of Stirling (Clansmen) y en ese mismo año haber ganado la Liga Nacional con Valencia Firebats. Ese mismo año fui nombrado mejor RG de la liga universitaria del Reino Unido. Y a la vez mejor Linea ofensivo del equipo.

Experiencia (9 años de fútbol americano):

  • Valencia Firebats
  • Stirling Clansmen University
  • Sants de Rafelbuñol
  • Team Spain

Jordan Perry

[190cm, 96kg, 25 years old]

1. What made you take the decision of choosing Murcia Cobras for this season ?

Alex and I decided we wanted to play on the same team, we narrowed down the possible destinations and chose Spain. We want to experience the Spanish culture. I spoke with multiple players who previously played for the Cobras and they all said great things about the City of Murcia and how welcoming the team and organization was. They all told me it felt like a family on the Cobras.

2. What do you think you can bring to the team?

I will bring my knowledge of the game so I can help teach others everything I have learned. Also, I will bring exciting play on the field so that the fans will love to watch our offense. I want to bring a championship to the Murcia Cobras.

3. What experience have you had in American football for the last 3 years ?

I played Quarterback in the GFL1 (German Football League 1) for the Hamburg Huskies in 2016. Before that I played for Northern Arizona University.

4. Which has been your greatest success in your sport career ?

The greatest game I played in was beating the #2 ranked team in the nation. We were down by 5 with 47 seconds left and needed 78 yards to go to try and win the game. We drove 78 yards in 3 plays for the game winning touchdown with only 12 seconds remaining and it is known as one of the best wins in NAU history.

5. What does this sport mean to you ?

This sport has taught me leadership, discipline,work ethic, and teamwork. There is no better feeling than playing on the field with your brothers.

Years of experience
2003 - 2005 CYO Disciples
2006 - 2010 Central Catholic High School in Portland (Oregon)
2011 - 2015 Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks Football
2016 Hamburg Huskies (GFL)

Oliver Khatalay

[178cm, 82kg, 25 years old]

1. What made you take the decision of choosing Murcia Cobras for this season?

 The reason I chose Murcia Cobras Again this season is because I was coming back to do my auxiliar program and have my revenge against Badalona Dracs.


2. What do you think you can bring to the team?

I can bring experience to the team along with discipline, excitement coaching and give a better understanding of American football.


3. What experience have you had in American football for the last 3 years?

Apart from Murcia Cobras last year, In the last three years I’ve been to multiple free agent camps with the Canadian Football League trying to sign with a pro team.


4. Which has been your greatest success in your sport career?

My greatest success in this sport career was winning the Ontario Junior Varsity Football League championship.


5. What does this sport mean to you?

 This sport to me is what has made me who I am today, it has taught me disciple, integrity, perseverance, attention to details and to be yourself.


Years of experience

2007-2008 St. Joseph Secondary

2008-2010 High School in Avondale States

2010-2014 Eastern Michigan University  (FBS-DIV I-A)

2016-2017 Murcia Cobras (LNFA)


Alex Holmes

[181cm, 85kg, 24years old]

1. What made you take the decision of choosing Murcia Cobras for this season?

I made the decision to play for the Cobras this season because of the team's choice to sign both Jordan Perry and myself. We were roommates all through college and we really wanted to play at least one more season together. Being from Phoenix, Arizona, I have always wanted to learn the Spanish language and the idea of playing in a warmer climate and in a lively city like Murcia sounded great. We've heard nothing but great things about the team and the city so we had to jump on this opportunity.

2. What do you think you can bring to the team?

I will bring my passion, great play and knowledge of the game to the Cobras. I am extremely excited to start working with the players and combining our different football experiences to continue the cobras culture of success. Starting on day one, our goal is to win a championship and we will do everything we can to make that happen.

3. What experience have you had in American football for the last 3 years?

In the 2014 and 2015 football seasons, I was a starting WR for Northern Arizona University (Division 1AA in Flagstaff, Arizona). My career stats were: 115 receptions, 9 receiving touchdowns, 1248 yds and 3 passing touchdowns. In 2016 I played for the Prague Lions American Football Team in the Czech Republic. We went 10-0 and made it to the Czech Super Bowl where we lost to our rival the Prague Black Panthers 10-9. For the Lions I coached, played cornerback and special teams and recorded 6 interceptions, 1 interception for a touchdown and 1 kick return for a touchdown. In 2017 I took a job for the Northern Arizona University Athletics Department working in marketing and fundraising while getting my master's degree in higher education leadership. I will finish work and graduate this December before heading out to Spain.

4. Which has been your greatest success in your sport career?

The greatest successes in my sport career were the back to back State Championships I won in high school (2010, 2011), the NCAA FCS Playoff birth for NAU in 2013 and our upset of the #2 ranked Eastern Washington football team in 2014. I have been one game away from a championship for 5 years and I am very ready to win one in Spain.

5. What does this sport mean to you?

This sport has helped shaped my life in many ways. I have overcome my toughest obstacles, met my closest friends and gone places I have never dreamed of thanks to football. Jordan and I both truly love this sport and being able to work and play with players around the world who share the same love is a dream come true.

Years of experience

2011-2015 Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks Football
2016 Prague Lions American Football

Nils tor Maximilian Malander

[197cm, 130kg, 25 years old]

1. What made you take the decision of choosing again Murcia Cobras for this season ?

Honestly, it’s a combination of two things: The Cobras have the talent, determination and skill to win the Spanish Championship. Our loss vs. the Dracs last year came down to a judging error, and the Cobras are going to be even better this year. We’re the best team in spain, and we’re gonna prove it. 

Second, I’ve never played on a friendlier team then the Cobras. The atmosphere in the locker room is always great, the players really love football, and the organisation around the team is so helpful and professional. I know this sounds cliche, but in the world of european football those things are not a given, and they’re even more impressive coming from a team with slim economic margins and little municipal/goverment support. 


2. What do you think you can bring to the team ?

From a pure player-perspective, I am a warrior with a rare combination of Speed, Size and Skill. But more than that, the analytical way I approach football means I develop much faster than the average player, and I am even much better this year than I was last season with the Cobras. I go beyond the player I was yesterday every single time I practice, and hopefully that attitude is beneficial to the teams and players I practice and go to war with. Also, I hope to have a more pronounced coaching position in the team this season. 


3. What experience have you had in American football for the last 3 years ?

I’ve played two top division seasons in sweden, first in The Limhamn Griffins 2015 and then in the Tyresö Royal Crowns 2016, a great season that ended with a Heartbreaking playoff loss vs. the Carlstad Crusaders. 

Aside from that, I made the swedish national team for the first time in 2016, probably the proudest moment in my  career, and participated in several matches. I also played in the swedish university championship, where my team the KTH Royals lost the championship game in tight, one possession loss. After that, I traveled here, to Murcia and Spain, to throw my lot in with the Cobras, in an amazing season with many ups and downs. Then I played a full season with the Seinäjoki Crocodiles in Finland, and now I am here, ready for another season in Murcia.


4. Which has been your greatest success in your sport career ?

I am obviously very proud of making the swedish national team, and becoming an import for the first time was a personal dream, but as an O-lineman I take pride in team successes more than anything else. Sadly, I have never been on a team that’s won a national championship before, but the season I am most proud of I probably this 2017 season with the Cobras. Us rising from a lackluster middle of the season to a literal inch from playoff glory was an amazing achievement on its own, and I am so proud of my man Angel Clemente Hernandez, who rose to the occasion and really became the Quarterback we needed him to be. 

5. What does this sport mean to you ?

Everything. I know that sounds cliche as hell, but if I’m honest my whole self-image is built around the fact that I play football. I constantly think of myself in the terms of a gladiator or warrior of old, protecting my friends and teammates with my body, my strength and my life. Obviously, football isn’t life or death, but it’s much closer than any other sport, and that is why it breeds different, harder, men and women. Standing on the gridiron is so terrifying, nothing else is scary anymore. That is why football is fun. That is why I love it. 


Years of experience 

2010 - Lugi Vikings - U19

2011 - St. Staffan Saviours - U19

2012 - Lugi Vikings - D1

2013 - 2014 Kristianstad Predators - Superseries

2015 Limhamn Griffins - Superseries

2016 Tyresö Royal Crowns - Superseries

2017 Murcia Cobras - LNFA

2017 Seinajoki Crocodiles - Maple League